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Scaling the Unscalable Business: 5 Things You Can Learn from a Successful CEO in the Professional Services Industry


Executive Spotlight: Fred Merritt, CEO of Synergy Tech Consulting, Featured on Atlanta Life General Agency’s Website

Like many of us, Fred started his company out of necessity and opportunity. While his experience in Electronic Medical Records (EMR) made him attractive as a candidate for a higher paying position, he quickly learned from a recruiter that he would be better positioned, and more profitable, if he owned his own company.

Synergy Tech Consulting was born in 2008 and the contract that started as a 3-month engagement extended to 4 years and his business continues to grow today. Being a human-centric, professional service business, it can be difficult to scale. He can’t just print copies of his workers and his services. If you’ve ever been told your business isn’t scalable, don’t lose hope quite yet. Fred found a way.

5 Things You Can Learn from Fred’s Success:

1) Carpe Omnious – Seize it all. Need to form a business in order to do better business? Then do it. Need to hire excellent people who will stick around and represent your brand? Then take the time to get it right. Need to scale your service business but not sure of your next steps? Go find someone who can help you figure it out. Don’t just seize the day – go and get what you need to reach your goals.

2) Surround yourself with smarter people. Find people who have achieved growth, who have more experience than you, and who are open to mentorships and networking relationships. Fred has surrounded himself with highly intelligent and experienced people; beyond asking questions and digging around for insight, he takes action based on the advice he’s received and he’s intentional about how he’s going to increase his gross revenue by another 50% by the end of 2018.

Fred managed to break into the Federal Contracting space and won a contract within the first 6 months… when everyone told him it would take him 2-3 years.

How did he do it? A mentor helped Fred understand that if he separated himself from his competitors as much as possible, he would not only be the more attractive option but he would also narrow the field and increase his chances of winning. Fred is now one of the few Veteran Owned companies to also hold an 8A certification – and his prospects like that.

3) Protect what you’ve built. For Fred, his business is the result of hard work, long days, sleepless nights, stressful situations, and rewarding moments. He knows that his business is valuable and the people who work there are worth protecting. As a professional service provider, Synergy Tech Consulting has to protect itself from any mistake that could potentially have a disastrous downstream effect for a client.

After speaking with an Atlanta Life Business Insurance Advisor, Fred better understood how much coverage he did and did not need to protect his business. Fred diligently carries Errors and Omissions, General Liability, Workman’s Comp, and Short and Long Term Disability business insurance. Fred is experiencing the growth he’d hoped for and he’s still an integral part of the business, so he’ll need to look into adding a Key Man Policy soon.

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